From Fairly OddParents creator Butch Hartman, the half-hour animated series Danny Phantom was all about Danny Fenton, a shy, geekish freshman who attended Casper High. Thanks to an accident in the laboratory of his paranormal-expert father Jack, Danny was transformed into a half-human, half-phantom, endowed with ghostly superpowers. As “Danny Phantom”, our hero periodically skipped out of school to save the world from a vast array of evil (and sidesplittingly funny) ghosts, spooks and phantoms.

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3x12-3x13: Phantom Planet

  #I had a crush on him ok 

Me too. Me too.

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    Wait I was really not the only one in love with him?
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    I HAD SUCH A CRUSH ON HIM. (Maybe I still do) Such a great show!
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